Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Really Am Not...

The other day at work a sweet lady who I am friendly and chatty with, but I don’t know super well, sent me an e-mail. She is about 7 months pregnant and this e-mail is about a deal a website is having – you just pay the shipping and they send you one free nursing cover and they are really cute!

I didn’t think much of it because there are like 15 girls pregnant at work (I should probably be afraid to drink the water!) and I had forwarded this woman a birth announcement (of another lady in the office) that I thought was terribly cute (her husband is a graphic designer and made them himself.) But just to be funny, I e-mailed her back and said “Oh no! Do I look pregnant?! :/ ;0)” And then she shoots me a response that says, “I heard that you were…I’m so sorry!!! Are you not?” So I reply, “I am not even married…” and she e-mails me back to apologize profusely and say that she was confused and so sorry and it was not that I looked pregnant but when I sent her that e-mail I must have said something like “I think will appreciate this since you are pregnant too,” she thought the too was me and her not the pregnant girl who’s announcement it was and her.

So I e-mail her back and say, don’t worry, we are having a lot of fun laughing about this… because by then we are rolling on the floor – myself and another girl in my department who has a great sense of humor and the new contractor who sits next to me. Seriously the fun we are having at the thought of… hello – single me , being pregnant, is too funny. I am on the phone with someone, at least trying to hold it together (mind you another employee, not a donor or anything) and my friend is back at her desk relentlessly instant messaging me – “Is it a boy or a girl?” “When are you do?” “Can I be the godmother?” I have to shout over the cubes and through my laughter for her to stop because I can’t even remember why I called this other person.

Um, I think this story does not have an end, but are you entertained yet? Okay, good, that was really the point.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aussie thoughts on American Consumerism

Allow me to set the stage. I am chatting online with my dear friend from Australia (whom God has amazing placed in my life!) and I tell her that I had a snack earlier because I was at target and they have good popcorn in there. She knows what target is because, believe it or not, there are targets in Australia (funny as that is) but is confused that they have a cafĂ©. And here is her response…

What the..

So after you try on cheaper jeans because you are not spending $150 on Saba until you've lost weight, you look in the mirror and go nup, I know I'll make myself feel better and grab popcorn

so they still get you to spend in their shop

haaa haaa


I am speechless at their marketing prowess

Just thought I would share some perspective (and some random entertainment) with you.

Here’s to dreaming of pedicured toes in Australian sand…