Tuesday, December 2, 2008

traveling panda

okay, so the purpose of me starting this blog was for it to be easy for me to update people while i am traveling...

and today i am on my way to the dominican republic. i am currently sitting in miami airport (one and a half hours down, a little more than two to go.)

i am going to santo domingo in order to attend the compassion leadership development program celebration. it’s the first one in the d. r. and the first one i'm going to, so i am super excited! the l.d.p. students are so amazing - i love to be with them and they always blow me away. they have such a passion to serve the Lord and to give back to their communities.

the d.r. is my favorite country and i have this strange, but great feeling like i am going home. i brought three cameras (2 of which are video cameras) so i hope to post some video if i can figure it out.

please pray for safe travels, logistical details, grace for cultural and lingual barriers, good relationship building opportunities, and that Jesus would be glorified.

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Connie said...

In his bird! Amen sister!